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Drink Up Pee -first part-


Drink Up Pee -first part-
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※ This work is divided into the first part and the second part.

Well, no way to drink so much ... ... It was worth having patience from the morning!

Dirty urine ripened in the bladder
A 20 - year - old sister who drank everything in every way of drinking!

A large and comparatively large glass All 2 peases of pee go from my cheek directly into your sister's mouth, throat, stomach

I usually make works concerning drinking urine
Freshly sterilized but because it is a waste product, feces
I am doing the shooting method "I'm fine with drinking range"

Most of them are experiencing the first drinking urine
An amateur who was never drunk of pee
This older sister is no exception

However, what the personality is said ... ... Seriously, I'm trying hard!

Because I am at work I have to do it! I do not have to do my best!
That seriousness made up the impressive super-masterpiece "Drink all in the bladder"!

Well, we are meeting with a sister who is feeling nervous
Just a short walk to the hotel.
In the first interview, I confirm a little about your sister's personality
The atmosphere I'm talking about is bright, serious and honest
Sister with a polite impression
I'm excited to have such a child drink and I will have a chick!

First of all, I asked her to show me her from her breasts
Tilting sweaty nipples ......, salty laugh
Immediately it felt up and it got up, apparently the sensitivity looks good too!
Without taking a shower, this time observe the holes of the ass
Shamefully, the number of mouths also decreased, and it is possible · love!

Finally got a shower and a sexy bathrobe
I will have my first drinking urine experience, at last!
I feel nervous when I have Chiko in front of me, and a smile also hits LOL
Pissing like a big mouth opened big
I will get it in my mouth
Have you show me in your mouth and see if it is really collected
I will ask you to drink it as "gokutu"

Sister somewhat beeping eyes
This moment is moving!
We will receive courage in your sister's best effort

Let's go on and on
Next time I will shoot with drawing

Older who is becoming "Oet" in larger quantity than before
Because I had you drink more often in 2 times
I still have pee left, but I felt a little refreshed!

So from here I will get drinking urinate and excitedly excited Chiko
I will be inserted by your older sister immediately!
Just kissing and breast-breasting, Okosho
This feels absolutely absolutely when inserted!
I have not met an hour yet, but I am going to H!

The slimmer who smoked Tatsuto Chiko
The annoying pant voice leaks out of my lips
The clitoris is also sharp and sharp, the elder sister who reacts pleasantly
Well, in this, scooped rubbish
Let's take it carefully as it is, and the first part is over.

1920 × 1080 mp 4 About 9 Mbps

Recording time 23 minutes 35 seconds

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

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