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I can not do it


I can not do it
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Immediately contact me
This is the older sister who went to see me

Unfortunately it is blindfolded by hand because it is NG
Good style
An older sister with a cute atmosphere
It is a genuine scene recording of the first drinking urine in my life

I pour urine into my mouth
The smell seems to be useless
I seem to spit out what I ate ...
Even so, he did his best and drank it.
Absolutely impossible 5 times!
H is better!
So it wasn't in the original promise
I enjoyed putting in my uncle's cheeks!
It is a video.

By the way, this time the plain clothes are also NG
Start with an interview from underwear
However, the style is very good
It seems to get up just by looking at it

Because the voice is also cute
You can let such a young lady drink pee from now on
Born in a good time lol

It seems that he contacted me with a little whim
Let's get started quickly before we change our minds

I can't see my face
Have them show off their beautiful supponpon
The shape of the boobs is also good
An older sister with a perfect butt shape
Yes, at this point I already have a full erection

You can pee even if you have an erection
It ’s my strength.
Have your mouth open wide
Pour urine in it
Dirty excrement of an unknown man who fills the mouth

The first liquid to stimulate the taste on the bottom

Can you swallow it?
It ’s a tear-eyed challenge.

The second time I will take a pull
In the same way, stand by in front of Ji Po

Pour in again
A liquid that you never drink
Second teary eye challenge

………… Goku
Gehogeho !!

This reaction after swallowing
It tells the taste of urine!
He drank it really, the best !!

In contrast to me who looks happy

Older sister who goes to gargle immediately
I vomit a little ... and it looks painful
It seems that he returned what he ate at lunch due to a rejection reaction

I'm sorry I can't show it
I heard that she had teary eyes.
The tear-eyed challenge was a great success ...

I always take 5 shots
There are still 3 more cuts left

The third time
Pissing with excitement Ji ◯ Po in the mouth
Piss that fills your mouth
Bright yellow excrement fills your sister's mouth

Very teary eyes
I put it back again ...
And it looks like I can't continue shooting anymore ...

I'm really drinking pee.
...... I can't help it, I'm sorry, older sister ...

That's why drinking urine ends here
With a nice body of that style
I will make you feel good!

I get a blowjob with a cute mouth
"It tastes like pee ... wash it."
And a complete pee refusal reaction ... lol
I want to have fun
Wash it properly and try again!

In the mouth of the older sister I just met
Bing Vinci ◯ Po that is wrapped softly
I can't stand it because I want to try the lower mouth

My hardest part
Apply to the softest part of your sister
As it is ...
While exchanging comfort
Rub inside many times

Because she has a cute voice
After all the pant voice is also cute !!
Shaved ◯ Press me firmly against this
Piston repeated many times to the back
Immediately Iku I did my best for me and shook my hips
Haz that my sister is surely feeling good

Thick semen
Today's shooting is over

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 7.5 Mbps

Recording time 26 minutes 23 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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