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Very early on when I started taking urine drinking videos
This older sister who came to play several times

I tried drinking urine for the first time in my life
At that time, I immediately spit it out
Urophagia was still early ... at that time you said

It's been 5-6 years since then
He applied to try again.
As you know, those who watched the previous video
It was a cute and well-styled girl
What kind of woman is she really?
I hope you enjoy that area as well.

Then immediately
Let's show you naked for several years
I'm excited about something strange lol
After taking a picture of nakedness in every corner
Finally Ji ◯ Po is on standby in front of your mouth

Usually with delicious food
In that mouth used to kiss my beloved boyfriend
Today I'll pour in my yellow bubbling urine

Gachi pee that you can clearly see that it is accumulated
With the signal of "drink or it"
You can clearly hear the rattling throat
He drinks it properly!

For the first time in the growth of an older sister who is different from the last time
I guarantee that people who are watching will be impressed

Take the second cut by pulling
Have them gargle with the urine that collects in their mouth
If you drop it in your stomach as it is
Coughing and teary eyes
I'm an older sister who can take all the pictures I want to take

When I upload it, I really have tears in my eyes
It ’s a job I ’m continuing because I want to take this moment.

The third time, with Ji ◯ Po in his mouth
It is a pattern to have you drink gulp
Please hold it deeply to the root
Pissing as it is
Pissing a lot lol
Because the throat makes a rattling sound
You can see that he is drinking well

It ’s really the same sister as that time.

I heard you didn't practice
For some reason, he grew up so much
The old man is worth peeing!

That's why the 4th time is the one that was stored in the cup.
In the large glass you got
Uncle's urine collects in bright yellow
Of course it is uncut and gulp and drink

Drink almost like beer
The best score of 100 is that you can throat with teary eyes!

If you drink this far
Isn't urine drinking 100 points already !?

The pee that is still about half in the voco
Not the upper mouth
This time in the lower mouth ──
Well ◯ May I store it in this!

Actually, when I challenged it last time
I remember having a hard time getting sperm inside.

This time I will revenge it
I want to fill the vagina with just urine.

Then after a long time
Taste the softness of your sister
Insert it raw ...
Yaba ... it feels good ... lol
Endure the sperm is about to come out
Only pee will be released inside

It's hard to get out because it's erected
Little by little, but surely inside
I will urinate

"It's really out ..."
It seems that my sister can understand that
I'm shooting firmly whether I'm pulling or leaning

Of course it remains uncut
Ma ◯ My pee that pops out from here
It's clearly reflected! Please look forward to it !!

A lot of 30 minutes like this
It's a pretty confident work!
Please enjoy it over and over again.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 6.5Mbps

Recording time 30 minutes 16 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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