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Camera -first part-


Camera -first part-
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Inexperienced in drinking urine and semen
A soft-spoken older sister came.
When I heard the story, it seems that so far
Because she never had a boyfriend.
Such a woman is like this in our maniac shooting
I'm really excited that she's joining us...
I think it's an honor!

Hurry up
In the mouth of a girl with little experience
I would like to put pee in it.
In your mouth that was opened wide
Dirty urine that is fired directly from the cock is poured.
That yellow accumulated liquid
Pour it into the stomach through the back of the throat
I was able to capture such a moment.

For the second time, let's take a little more drawing.
In the same way, a parabola of urine drawn aiming at the sister's mouth
Continue to swallow it all
Little by little, my urine accumulates in my sister's body.

Pee dripping from drinking urine twice
There was a suspicion that her sister's underwear was dirty
If you continue like this, her clothes will be covered with pee...
That's why I want you to get naked!
A precious naked body that has only been held by two men so far is in front of the camera.
While we're both starved
You will be challenged to drink and drink urine with a cock in your mouth.

I'm in a bit of pain
She drinks the amount that comes out of the cock without spilling it.
It's a lot more than the previous two times and I'm teary-eyed
This is the best because you can take pictures you want to take more and more.

inside your pee-smelling mouth
After gargling and refreshing
I will challenge the fourth drinking urine.
Challenge yourself to drink the largest amount of cups ever!

Thick pee accumulated in pure yellow in a transparent glass
The act that should be absolutely disliked and should only be resisted
My sister takes her time and does it.
Even though I'm upset on the way
Even though my eyes are painfully teary-eyed
That's right! It's finished!
Look at the thumbnail image. This old man's piss
He gulped it all down!

It's the best and I'm the happiest.

This is the first part that you can already take a very satisfying picture
last 5 times
A scene in which a large amount of urine is urinated with the sister's mouth as a toilet bowl
Use my cock as your older sister's third cock
I was able to shoot a sex scene, so
The second part is scheduled to be released later this month.
Please enjoy the front and back together.

1920×1080 mp4 about 4.5Mbps

Recording time 38 minutes 06 seconds

* We will explain the content of the shooting in advance and obtain your consent.
*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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