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Happy new year everyone.
In 2022, "Tears Eye Challenge!"
We look forward to working with you.

By the way, the first urine drinking in the new year
An auspicious older sister who drinks completely in Boco!
The pee I have stored in the reservoir
He poured everything into his stomach !!

It is a must-see for the appearance of feeling uncomfortable after drinking urine!

Well, let's start with an annual interview.
I've never seen anything like this
There is no connection between a man who does not know and a hotel
A decent older sister is today's prey ... not a model lol

I've never drank pee
Imagine that you can drink it and that it doesn't taste like it.
I'm really looking forward to what will happen!

I'm completely naked right away
I'm going to my sister with bare cock.
Have your mouth open and pour urine into it


It is the moment of the first urine drinking.
This moment is good no matter how many times you take it
Because for the first time in my life, this unfamiliar old man's piss
It's poured into the mouth and then drunk!

He drank it properly, it's the best ^^

Let's go steadily
The second time I was a little sick
"Maybe it's tougher than I expected ..."

The third time, what you have stored in the cup
After all, it's a complete drink, even though it's screaming!

The 4th time while getting a cheek
Gokugoku drinking urine

I went to gargle once and drank water
After all, peeing more than I imagined
It looks like it was a bad thing

That's right lol

The last is the long-awaited bowl reservoir.
Think of your sister's mouth as a toilet bowl
All the remaining urine is urinated in the mouth
The sound at this time is also good, it sounds like peeing.
Look at the yellow urine that spilled from your mouth and collected in the bowl
"... There is so much ..."

That's right!
I've saved hours to get my sister to drink a lot.

Staring at the urine collected in the bowl
The appearance of hesitation
It feels like it ’s very good to shoot.

I finally drank everything
It ’s a very painful and painful feeling in the process.
Kochi wants to say "feast"

To apologize for giving me a lot of bitter, unpleasant and unpleasant things
Rich and mellow at the end
Let me fix it!
Fire it in your sister's mouth
Gokkun as it is!

No, I was able to take a good shot this time too!
Please take a look and enjoy it many times.

1920 × 1080 mp4 about 6Mbps

Recording time 32 minutes 23 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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