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Laugh -first part-


Laugh -first part-
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"I've never peeed, so I'm worried."
Many girls answer yes
This sister who came this time
"Pee, I want to drink it!"
How can there be such a serious young lady!?
That's how it should be
She seems to be well-bred and usually works as a teacher at her cram school.
Or is it that such a woman has a stronger hidden H desire?
How do you feel right before your first drink? "I'm excited."
Seriously big!!

Now, please bring your familiar glass.
Let's urinate in it.
The cock is exposed in front of the teacher and the pee is poured into the cup.
"It seems like a dream... it doesn't seem real."
Such a word while watching the urine being poured in front of me.
I'm dreaming too A nice sister drinking my pee.
A sister who laughs unintentionally in front of urine that accumulates more and more yellow
That's right, it's no longer like this
i have to laugh
get nervous……
I'll enjoy having this……
Saying so, he fascinated me with his first experience in front of the camera!
Be sure to check out that reaction in the main story!

It's finished!!

As expected, there is something I just wanted to try!
You can expect to drink all of this inside Bokor!

Now, I would like to put it directly in your mouth.
To the shock of urine that has accumulated in the mouth
Laughing Ueto's older sister seems to be really hot...
Even so, to a place where you can drink properly
It shows good upbringing and good character.

The third time is a faucet drinking that you can drink while having a cock in your mouth.

And, before that, I was making a cute, well-bred and good-natured sister drink pee
I'm so excited that I can't stand it anymore
On top of wanting to see my nakedness, I was driven by the urge to bury a part of myself in that nudity.

sister and sister
Lewd Sore
Today's shoot was so much fun, it can't be helped!
Please take off from the top first
Check the shape and softness of your breasts.
Next time please take off your underwear
All of the exposed sister
The nude that looks comfortable to hug is exchanged by embracing each other.

After that I move to bed and start to play with my sister
Pussy Wet Wet!?
It seems that she was really excited after drinking pee!
If such a serious cram school teacher is so erotic and cock-binging!

I was thinking of doing cunnilingus
It looks like it will fit in as it is, so insert it smoothly
The cram school teacher's pussy feels great!!

I ejaculate too early
Sperm should not come out before peeing

H is so so
When I asked him to try drinking from the faucet for the third time
The first part is over.

1920×1080 mp4 about 5.5Mbps

Recording time 33 minutes 05 seconds

*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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